Dr. Minnie Ladores Lead Media Technology Sharing Time

August 20,2014
SIG Meeting
San Diego, CA

Tools we shared today:

1. Prezi (shared by Amy)
I like to use Prezi in my English-language Debate classes in Japan. Students can work online simultaneously to add links, graphs and other pieces of data from wherever they are, and then get together to plan their debate strategy and format their Prezi together. Then, in the actual debate, they show the Prezi while they are presenting, and then give the link to their classmates so that they can look at the data in detail. It has worked very well, and the students love the interactiveness of it!

2. Camtasia (shared by Cherith)

Minnie's note: I use Screencast-o-matic which is free.

3. SPOC - (shared by Denise)
To follow up on alumni, using free apps as hook to get alumni involved. The course uses their learning management system.

Example app: poppet -

4. Create electronic posters with Glogster (shared by Joyce)

5. Voki (shared by Denise)

6. Powtoon (shared by Minnie) - a free web-based program for creating animated videos.
Minnie created this PowToon tutorial:

Alejo's recommendations:

1. Lynda.com - Lynda is great for people to learn, but they are teaching themselves through guided videos, which can be hard for some.

2 . In terms of webinars, I have participated in the past using Go To Meeting. This worked very well (not sure what type of $ figure you'd be looking at).

3. YouTube a. Use narrated PowerPoint presentations as WCCI's own version of Lynda AND/OR to share presentations and knowledge with other WCCI membersb. Streaming live presentations can be difficult, especially if members have expectations for quality because they have paid for the service. Possibly video taping all of presentations and including them as YouTube videos is something to consider.

4. Photo Sharinga. I have noticed a lot of people taking pictures. There are APPS such as "PHOTOCIRCLE" where people can share their photos for certain events that are set up within the app.b. Flickr - WCCI could have the historian maintain a Flickr account that would require a login / password to see all of the photos

5. Communication during conferencea. Remind101 - text messaging (members enroll in a Remind101 group and then mass messages can be sent). This is free, however, would require planning and enrolling pre-conference AND assumes certain connectivity which not all members may have considering they are coming from around the worldb. Group Me - app that people can add into a group and share messages back and forth - could work well if set up right, but if everyone is texting back and forth it could get crazyc. Whats App - messaging app that can be used internationally
In 2 years at the next conference, I am sure technology will have developed further to address this in a better way, or perhaps there is something now that I am unaware of.

1. Prezi - Minnie
2. Turn your PowerPoint to Prezi
3. Get Started with Google Hangout - Cherith
4. Make the Most of Google Drive - Elif
5. Online Teaching Strategies - Denise

6. Infograph - Elif

7. Change Management - Myrna